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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vision Is Important

Downtown Fort Worth

Vision is so important, and every single time I get headaches and vertigo when my prescription changes, I am reminded just how important it is. That is why it is a good idea to check here for prescription eyeglasses. I changed prescription often enough to warrant not just glasses that fits well, but one that is also priced good. Over-inflated glasses prices does not necessarily mean it is a good pair of glasses. Lets take for example my pair of glasses. I paid a whooping 450 dollars for the pair. When it was scratched, I paid another 30 dollars, in addition to the 50 dollars I had already paid for insurance. When they installed the lenses, it was loose. To top it off, the focal point is all wrong. How do I know that? The fact that I want to puke when I put on my glasses, which is exactly the same prescription strength as my scratched pair. I am done paying over-prized boutique glass stores.  See that picture above? It's what a glass with wrong focal point would look like.  Blurry headachy.

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