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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Super Memory - Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days (Paperback)

By: Harry Lorayne (Author)
I am reading this book. I am on chapter two.  Now I know why one is d/t, two is n, three is m, 4 is r, five is L, and so on.  I like it. I have not gotten to the part when I can use these peg system to match with words.  School got in the way.

I have two ICWs due, a demand letter, property law exam to prepare for and moot court trial to prepare. 

I amazed myself with this book. I can recall 30 things not related to each other.  But all those things are tangible.  This book would have been really helpful with Anatomy and Physiology, biochemistry, etc.  However, I'm  in law school now.  I need this book for a different set of skills.  I should really review my speed reading and retention book. 

I think that every single person can always use the skills of speed reading.  I definitely have my kids reading the speed reading book and this super memory books.  Two weeks after reading this book, I can still recall the order of hardness for stones (geology class).  It starts with talc and ends in diamond.  How awesome is that?

I actually need this skills for my present possessory estates.  For each kind of estate, there's magic words that made them so.  In addition, each type of estate comes with future reversion or right of entry.  Now, can you see why I need this book?  I can't very well reason my way out of my property law exam if I do not have my arsenals (rules, types, etc) in place in my head.
1.  Fee Simple Absolute
2.  Fee Tail
3.  Fee Simple Determinable
4.  Fee Simple Subject to Condition Subsequent
5.  Fee Simple Subject to Executory Limitations
6.  Life Estate.  With each estate type
(3-5 are the three types of Defeasible Fees)

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