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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Straight our of Pedernales Falls State Park

It is difficult to capture my oldest two children in picture because they're always on the go.  We let them loose in the trails here.  They loved it.  I was just a tad worried about flash flood, but it was pretty safe while we were there.  These are my entry for SOOC Sunday.
at the swimming hole
To be honest, I was a bit freaked out when we arrived. You can see how that area is free of vegetation.  There's some dribble of waters.  I made sure to checked if there were heavy rains around the area.  I was afraid of flash flood. An uncle of mine died from flash flood and his body was found over 15 miles from where he died.
at the falls in the no-swimming area
My oldest two children, ages 15 and 14 went clambering up and down the rocks and were on the other side.  There was no cell phone signal here, and I was worried that if someone were to bash their head on the rocks, I wouldn't be able to reach an emergency help. Still, you can see how it is grand and beautiful.  It is even more impressive in person.
the drop form this rock to the water is about 10-15 feet, I think
The water was clear and cold. My son loved it. This is not the swimming area. We drove about 2 miles down stream and the younger kids splashed around there.
my baby who loved the cool waters


  1. Yes, this place is very nice, beautiful pictures! They look happy!

  2. Lovely captures of your children, and of nature's textures and beauty.