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Saturday, March 30, 2013


 I found the Saturday Photo Hunt. What fun! 
There would be no flight for birds without the wind underneath their wings
 Last weekend, I knew when the flock of birds would come because they're loud.  I can hear them through my earplugs.  It was an exciting time for our two hairless rat terrier. They get so excited every time the birds flew over.  It was happening throughout the day. I never did figure out what kind of birds they are, but they're fun to watch.
bird migration over my backyard last weekend

one of the wind vanes near Sweetwater, Texas

December 25 was a windy, snowy day to drive down from Amarillo


  1. What a large flock of birds. I cannot figure out what birds are they too, I am sure they are noisy. :P

    1. very. Surprisingly enough, they did not leave a lot of bird droppings on my outdoor furniture. They did eat the leftover bird food outside, which was good.