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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Canons at Six Flags

My husband took the first four children to Six Flags last Sunday. The boys love to hang out by the canon display when they were younger. I think every year we have a picture from here. I think it is so important to spend one on one time with each of our children. We have five and we want to make sure that each child grows up with a memory of how we find him or his company important. It is sometimes tough with real life getting in the way. But, we find that if we want something enough, we somehow manage to find time for it. I love that second picture of my husband and child number 4.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sky Watch and PhotoCat, An iPhone App

caption app: Phonto, Image edit: PhotoCat, camera: iPhone5
This is one of the edits I did.  Yeah, I should have been working on a contracts problem, but I needed a little break.  And here it is.  This SkyWatch was a driveby-shoot.  My daughter and I were on our way to Ikea about two Fridays ago.  The sky was quite lovely towards sundown.  I just like to take pictures, but I do not necessary have the time to stop and take just that one perfect shot.  That is why I love my iPhone.  It's a camera, a notebook, a study tool, an e-book, storage and so much more.  Now, I wish there's a DSLR camera that comes in such a small package. I would love to take long distance shots without lugging around those big lenses.
Great and fun little app
This is the most fun I have playing with my pictures.  The filters are wonderful. I have only explored the edit part of the apps. That one is two thumbs up!  I can say that it is almost better than camera+, and that is one of my most favorite apps.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Six Feet Under

Catchy title, right? It is true.

I have been in this library--a subterranean law school library--since 2 o'clock today. I am studying for contracts law final exam. I am taking a break because I am frustrated that I keep missing an issue here and there in my practice essays.

It is quite frustrating. Just went I thought I finally knew how to prepare for these exams, I get thrown a curve. I get multiple choice where I get to write an essay about why an answer is right or wrong. I must pick and answer and "defend it, damn it!" That's a direct quote from my contracts professor.

Okay, back to studying. This subject is overwhelmingly huge, and I have absolutely no idea how this teacher grades. He said it is going to be very subjective. Oy! I perform better when I know what gets more points. This just means that I have to be extra clear, to the point, and clever, and interesting...all without wasting words on unnecessary stuff. Yay!

Friday, April 19, 2013

One Sky, 180 Degrees

Last Saturday, I was at work. I took a picture of the fence and noticed how clear the sky was. Then I turned 180 degrees, and the second picture was what I saw. Imagine that. Anyway, I should be going on and taking more practice test in contracts. I even cancelled piano lessons for a test and a I better get on with the test already.

My skywatch for this week. Happy weekend y'al!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hacker Magnet: Wordpress

I used to have a wordpress blog. It was nice and people were happy to go there, until a hacker from romania messed it up. No one could fix it. So, after blogging for 5 years there, I had to close it down. I recently open a new wordpress hosted by GoDaddy...and I noticed that when I click on my link to see a picture, I see this think pictured below.

What the heck? It is either GoDaddy or Wordpress, but I am starting to think that both are a waste of money. Seriously! And all those after I paid extra money for GoDaddy to make sure the mess before will not happen again. I want my money back now. All of it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sky Watch to Relax

flight to San Francisco

 a Church in San Francisco, but I don't know the name

My sky watch today. Ugh.

I have 16 days til my finals in contracts. Three days til my citation exams. I need to get organized. I have been so scattered. And then, there's taxes due. Even though we've hired an accountant, I still have to collect the information for the accountant. This is unbelievable. I think I am going to panic. I won't even mention a property law finals in May 8. Oy! Anyway, I need to get on with my priority. But first, a nap for a 10-hour work tonight! 

Also, wish me luck.  I have a negotiation intramural tomorrow.  I hope to win this thing.  I think I could, but it's my first time around.  We will have to see.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Everything by J.R. Barrett

I downloaded this book for free at Amazon Kindle. I read it right away, because I was intrigued with the cover. When I started reading it, I could not possibly put it down. It got me by the throat and I must see what happens next.

That is how I come to have still tons of pages to read in my contracts and property law. This book got in the way. I hope I get all my reading done. I hate being in class without completing my reading because I hate that deer-in-the-headlight feeling when I get called on an assigned case.

I like the pace of this story. From the moment the hero showed up, to the part where the heroine got migraine. I was practically whimpering in pain along side Grace as she was searching for water to drink with her paid medication.

Then, I was right there with Ben when he recalled how he met Grace. This is a wonderful story. I enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it. I have bought two more titles by this author. I would not have tried her if not for the Amazon Kindle free book. So, thanks Amazon free Kindle book.

Friday, April 5, 2013


I am dreading the day that my eldest daughter moves to college.  I can recall seeing my husband's tears fell one day while she was 4 years old.  She was arranging her things when she told us of her plans to travel to Israel when she is eighteen.  She mentioned moving there.  It made my husband cry, because it will come true.  If we do our job correctly, all our kids will leave our home into homes of their own.

First there's college.  I am hoping that Dallas will have a university that she likes.  There are at least six major ones here.  There is University of Texas at Dallas (my husband's Alma mater), Southern Methodist University, University of Texas as Arlington (my Alma mater), and more.  She will not be lacking in choice.  If she choose any of those colleges, then I will have her near me.  She is my only daughter.  I have four boys. I love them all, but it's always neat to have a shopping buddy.

If she does move, having a storage place is key to moving efficiently.  That way, she could stay in a hotel while she looked for that perfect place that she will stay.  I believe that sometimes, a person is liable to chose the wrong abode because of all the furniture and things that are always incidental to moving.  I would not want her to chose a place in a hurried manner.  There should be complete freedom to deliberate and mediate for that right choice.

I was just thinking about moving recently because summer vacation is almost here.  While going somewhere for vacation is not the same as moving, my children always express a desire to move to San Francisco when we visit that city.  I think it has to do with the weather.  When we leave Dallas for a two week vacation, the weather is over 100 degree.  Then we land in San Francisco, and it's in the 60s and 70s.  Is it a wonder that they wanted to move over there in the summer?  It has become our summer city for the past six years.  In fact, all but one child of mine have taken a one-on-one vacation there with me.