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Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Everything by J.R. Barrett

I downloaded this book for free at Amazon Kindle. I read it right away, because I was intrigued with the cover. When I started reading it, I could not possibly put it down. It got me by the throat and I must see what happens next.

That is how I come to have still tons of pages to read in my contracts and property law. This book got in the way. I hope I get all my reading done. I hate being in class without completing my reading because I hate that deer-in-the-headlight feeling when I get called on an assigned case.

I like the pace of this story. From the moment the hero showed up, to the part where the heroine got migraine. I was practically whimpering in pain along side Grace as she was searching for water to drink with her paid medication.

Then, I was right there with Ben when he recalled how he met Grace. This is a wonderful story. I enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it. I have bought two more titles by this author. I would not have tried her if not for the Amazon Kindle free book. So, thanks Amazon free Kindle book.

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