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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Six Feet Under

Catchy title, right? It is true.

I have been in this library--a subterranean law school library--since 2 o'clock today. I am studying for contracts law final exam. I am taking a break because I am frustrated that I keep missing an issue here and there in my practice essays.

It is quite frustrating. Just went I thought I finally knew how to prepare for these exams, I get thrown a curve. I get multiple choice where I get to write an essay about why an answer is right or wrong. I must pick and answer and "defend it, damn it!" That's a direct quote from my contracts professor.

Okay, back to studying. This subject is overwhelmingly huge, and I have absolutely no idea how this teacher grades. He said it is going to be very subjective. Oy! I perform better when I know what gets more points. This just means that I have to be extra clear, to the point, and clever, and interesting...all without wasting words on unnecessary stuff. Yay!


  1. The thought of studying for exams puts me off taking up further studies :P

    I have been away from school for a decade but am seriously considering going back to school to upgrade myself.

    1. You should. We never stop learning anyway...might as well take a real exam pain. :) Go for it!