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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sky Watch and PhotoCat, An iPhone App

caption app: Phonto, Image edit: PhotoCat, camera: iPhone5
This is one of the edits I did.  Yeah, I should have been working on a contracts problem, but I needed a little break.  And here it is.  This SkyWatch was a driveby-shoot.  My daughter and I were on our way to Ikea about two Fridays ago.  The sky was quite lovely towards sundown.  I just like to take pictures, but I do not necessary have the time to stop and take just that one perfect shot.  That is why I love my iPhone.  It's a camera, a notebook, a study tool, an e-book, storage and so much more.  Now, I wish there's a DSLR camera that comes in such a small package. I would love to take long distance shots without lugging around those big lenses.
Great and fun little app
This is the most fun I have playing with my pictures.  The filters are wonderful. I have only explored the edit part of the apps. That one is two thumbs up!  I can say that it is almost better than camera+, and that is one of my most favorite apps.

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