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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Rock and a Hard Place

Ute Park, Colorado Springs

I saw a big black bear on this park.  He was less than half a mile from where I was standing. I was near the parking lot and the bear was up where this picture was taken. According to mapmyrun, it was about .2 of a mile from where I was.  I was with my oldest son, too.  I figure that I only have to run faster than him to be safe from the bear!  However, it was not an issue because the bear just keep on going and was never seen again.

Strangely enough, there was no warning signs about bears or wildlife at this park.  This park is surrounded by  civilization. It did made me wonder where the bear hid after it disappeared from my view.

I am taking five classes this semester. Just a little stressed that I missed a reading assignment, and due to late addition, will have to play catch  up on reading for my 5th class...but I don't know what that class is just yet.  I am thinking copyright or Law Practice Management, or perhaps even Water Law.  I have until tomorrow to add it. I have to leave early to enroll myself late for a class.  So frustrating.

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