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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boys Genius

Bat-a-pult at Cave of the Winds, Manitou Springs Colorado
 My youngest two children took guitar lessons via a guitar camp this summer. It was a week-long camp, and they seem to enjoy it.  Three days into the camp, the person in charge told me that one of her teacher assistant asked if my boys were geniuses.  The reason for the question is that both boys seem to pick up guitars like they had played before and are not taking refresher course.  The truth is, they had not.  In fact, I think the day I bought them their guitars two days before the camp was the first. I wanted to make sure that their guitars have carriers.  There are always beautiful options and great Gator DJ Cases & Bags at musician's friend.  Having a guitar bag makes it easy to carry everything in one place.  I think that my boys are still learning guitar via internet after the guitar camp was over.  I like hearing them strum their guitars.  However, I am not sure I would let them have drums.

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