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Monday, August 26, 2013

I Have The Power

Cave of the Winds -- Climbing Jungle
 After my summer semester, I truly was in need of a real vacation.  So, I packed my family of seven into a Toyota Sienna van and drove 15 hours to Colorado.  Yes, fifteen hours, all by myself.  I enjoy the drive, and my husband entertains us.  I think it was a great division of labor.  As we were driving, my husband and I ended up talking about the state of the economy, and how people were losing their jobs more often.  It is rather alarming how many people have lost this jobs. It is very stressful enough having to think about losing a job.  But losing it unfairly add up to the challenge.  Perhaps, it has always been this way, but I am just now noticing it.  Just in case this applies to you, and one of the questions percolating in your mind right now is "where do I find wrongful termination lawyers in San Diego?" Where, here is one place you can find it. Information is power, and if this situation applies to you, do not give that power away. Grab it and immerse yourself in it.

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