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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lavender Morning by Jude Deveraux

It has been a long, long time since I was able to really enjoy what I'm reading.  Do not get me wrong.  I do enjoy reading my case books. They helped me participate in the discussion at school and makes it easy comes exam time.

However, there is a certain enjoyment to reading a romance book.  I love the cute meets.  Deveraux writes some of the most exciting ones.  I find that Lavender Morning is slightly predictable, but it was the kind that I really like.  The interactions between the main characters sizzles.  I love the secondary characters. 

There's a bit of unreality to the story.  The men at Edilean are really handsome. I mean, like Edward from Twilight.  But, that does not matter because Ms. Deveraux  suck me into the story, so deep, I did not want it to end.

My mother and I enjoyed the story for its sweetness.  It takes extraordinary talent to have two people meet and fall in love.  It is a well worn path, yet, Ms. Deveraux manages to make it new, fresh and exciting. 

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