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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What, Playing Catch-Up Already?

I have acquire more books since
One more day and second week of law school is over.  That means that it will be final exams in another 12 weeks.  Five classes this semester, and three are very much reading intensive.  So, tomorrow, I have copyrights at 1:30 pm.  Reading 40 pages in case books is not quite the same as reading 1000 page novels.  Although sometimes, case book is almost as enjoyable as novels, there is the added pressure of having to remember and understand what went on with the case.

For example, today, in my civil procedure class. We were talking about Burger King v. Rudzewicz, and I had to pick out what are the test for personal jurisdiction.  That right there just takes the fun out of reading.  How would you like it if you are reading a lush and sexy Jude Deveraux novel, but then at the end of it, there is a discussion of the laws and rules that came out of the novel?  And by the way, your performance will be tied to your grade.  Add to the fact that I like to excel.  The pressure is just high.  High pressure is not to be mistaken for lack of enjoyment, because I do enjoy all my classes.  Even the ones where I said the wrong answer.  I figured, that is just part of learning.  If it bothers my classmates that I said the wrong answer, well, they have equal rights to answer, too. 

If I exercise my rights, then, it is my thing. Right? Right!

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