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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Birthday Weekend

I have two children having birthday this weekend. The girl turned sixteen on the 21st, and my 3rd child, a boy, turned 12 today.  They both said no to a birthday party, but they both wanted to spend time at the rock climbing gym.  Four out of 5 children went with me. The youngest boy decided not to go.  This is my Ruby Red Tuesday entry.

The girl is my eldest child, and the boy in red is my second child.  He belayed for his sister last Sunday.  The boy in blue in the back, middle is my 4th child.  He's 9, and he's preferred to use the  auto-belay.  It seemed like he didn't quite trust anybody not to drop him too fast on the way down.  I was told by his summer guitar camp teachers that he's got an extraordinary talent of playing the guitar.  I always take what teachers told me with a grain (or a bucket of salt) because I think teachers like to say nice things about your kids.  However, when others who heard him play say the same, I am starting to believe that maybe he really is good at guitars.

This is my 14 year old boy.  He excels at leadership. He has a knack for herding recalcitrant kids.  Must come with the territory of having three younger brothers, all of them headstrong.

I have to say that my children have an unusual athletic prowess and aptitude to learn.  No matter what they undertake: physical things or instrumental learning, they will excel at it.  It has always been that way, and I take it for granted until someone reminds me that this is the the normal way of things.  It just happen to be normal for my children.

This boy in blue is 12 years old today.  He's scary smart (said one of his teacher).  He has a high functioning autism, but he's getting more and more social each year.  He's also got an extraordinary aptitude in math, sciences and an extraordinary capacity to use words I thought I would never hear outside a book.

Needless to say, I am quite proud of my kids.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little Things Thursday

This was taken at New Mexico's Mount Capulin volcano monument. We drove up and walked down to the crater floor.  They have signs about snakes, but we did not find any.  After about half an hour of wandering around the place, we were ready to leave when a park ranger started giving talk about types of volcanic debris that comes out during the explosion.  He even had samples of them and we could hold it and examine it while he was talking about it.

It was literally a small sign, well, several signs really after leaving Colorado and heading south to Texas.  But it was an after-thought of a detour.  And for such a little thing, we ended up with so much.  Memories of the children enjoying the walk to the crater floor and the look of slight disappointment that it was not spewing smoke.  After all, it used to be a volcano.  So, I'm glad to find Little Things Thursday meme because now, I can recall this detour from our trip.  An after thought that turned out to be a lovely memory.

Also, because I really needed to do something short that does not involve a plaintiff or a defendant. 
one of the samples, and I could not remember the name

at Mount Capulin, 1st week of August

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Anti-Camera Daughter

I was thrilled that my daughter posed for me last Sunday.  She would usually run the other way when I have my camera up.  I am glad that phase seem to be over.  We went to Rockwall outdoor mall. It is by a lake. We had a nice lunch at Ruby Tuesday with a friend.  We even get to walk to the lighthouse after the meal.

This fountain was located at the front of the mall. Cinemark theather is located behind her.  We did not have time to see any movie.  But, I can see that on a cooler day, this would be a good place to just walk around and think.

I will be back. It was only an hour round trip.
Just directly outside the restaurant

at the fountain in front

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

No Red Shortage

There is never going to be a RubyTuesday shortage here. It has become our family tradition to wear red when we go to Six Flags Over Texas.  Hence, red shirts every where.  I have no clue how it got started, but I have a feeling Target is to blame.  About 9 years ago, I bought some red shirts which says,
"Someday, I'll be your boss"
 I bought so many that when my 5th child turned 4, he started wearing that red shirt, too.  And then it just become a habit.  I like the visibility. My husband does, too.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Shod It!

 “She had the underwear of a thirteen-year-old, as well, he thought. He glanced back at her. But the shoes of a courtesan.”
― Anne Stuart, The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes

I always have this on-going love-affair for shoes. One time, I have over 200 pairs. I was horrified at the number. So, I donated the lot to Goodwill, leaving me with just two dozens.  However,less than a year later, my collection was growing again.  It did not take me too long to accumulate more. I now settled for a good number. Three dozen at any one time, including flip-flops and sneakers.  I think that is a decent number.

I really love the spikes on this shoes pictured below.  I would buy one if I found a pair that fits.   It also looks like it has a comfortable arch. I do not like those shoes with too high of an arch. It does not feel sexy when I wear them because I cannot get past the pain.

a pair of shoe from one of the shops in Union Square

almost got a pair, but they don't have my size

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Skywatching at Pike's Peak

Some sky watch pictures I took on our August vacation to Colorado Springs.  I somehow thought that at the top of the mountain I would see a lot of trees.  That is not the case. It is very barren out there.  The view is still very singular.  I am now wondering if all mountain tops are like that, nearly barren, rocky and cold.

We had a lot of fun riding up the mountain on the trip.  I saw many animals on the way.  I am particularly impressed with the squirrel from Colorado. They look weird.  Other animals that I thought were squirrels turned out to be not. My kids assured me I saw a beaver.

I felt the thin air at the mountain top.  It made my head dizzy.  However, my children seem to take to it okay as they were still rushing to and fro all over the place.  I was careful to look over the sides of the steep drops. I believe I was dizzy enough to tumble down, head over heels. 

on the way to Pike's Peak -- this is Colorado's gravel

at the peak of Pikes Peak, but still inside the train

the train we rode to Pike's Peak, a cog-railway train

the air was very thin here, view towards Colorado Springs

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I for Invention

My boys decided to build a bridge using boxes and tapes.  After about 20 minutes of planning, they came up with a prototype.  They wanted to build a bridge strong enough to hang 2 40-pound dumb bells.  I was not quite sure why that particular set of weights.  But, with tape, I thought they could not do it.  I decided to let them find out for themselves.

After two days, they found out that they need ropes and tapes together.  So, my ABC Wednesday is the boy's invention about a box and loads of sticky tape.

And, for not particular reason at all, or maybe because it itches, I got a bug bite on my left triceps.  I have no idea what kind of bug, but it sure is itchy and the welt is getting bigger.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Walk Like Silly Walk

Here are my Ruby Red entry.  We were just leaving Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs, Colorado after almost 8 hours of hanging around there.  Evidently, they still have left-over energy.  What a fun day it was.  It also happens to the the day my sister gave birth to her 3rd child, a girl named Eve.  She was supposed to arrive a week after.  So, I missed it.

Left Handed Guitar

My two little guitarist

I sent these two to a guitar camp last summer.  They really loved it.  I bought one guitar for the youngest one.  He's right-handed. However, the older one, my nine-year old, is left-handed.  He requested if I could find him a left-handed guitar.  I guess one option would be to check out music man guitar at Guitar Center.  His guitar teacher is also looking for one.  I hope we find one soon, because he's quite oozing with talent. Who knows, I might have a Led Zeppilen or Eric Clapton in the making.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ruby Tuesday

a Diner near Union Square along Powell Street
My husband and I went to San Francisco in the middle of July.  I saw this thing right at the entrance of a diner, right after we just got out of one.  I did not go inside, but I sure have a lot of fun taking picture with this one.  I wish I had one that showed our foot, but, this is red.  My Ruby Tuesday entry.

I should go to sleep now. I have to drive to school early tomorrow. It is 42 miles away, and probably a little busy along the highway. Happy Tuesday everyone!