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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Birthday Weekend

I have two children having birthday this weekend. The girl turned sixteen on the 21st, and my 3rd child, a boy, turned 12 today.  They both said no to a birthday party, but they both wanted to spend time at the rock climbing gym.  Four out of 5 children went with me. The youngest boy decided not to go.  This is my Ruby Red Tuesday entry.

The girl is my eldest child, and the boy in red is my second child.  He belayed for his sister last Sunday.  The boy in blue in the back, middle is my 4th child.  He's 9, and he's preferred to use the  auto-belay.  It seemed like he didn't quite trust anybody not to drop him too fast on the way down.  I was told by his summer guitar camp teachers that he's got an extraordinary talent of playing the guitar.  I always take what teachers told me with a grain (or a bucket of salt) because I think teachers like to say nice things about your kids.  However, when others who heard him play say the same, I am starting to believe that maybe he really is good at guitars.

This is my 14 year old boy.  He excels at leadership. He has a knack for herding recalcitrant kids.  Must come with the territory of having three younger brothers, all of them headstrong.

I have to say that my children have an unusual athletic prowess and aptitude to learn.  No matter what they undertake: physical things or instrumental learning, they will excel at it.  It has always been that way, and I take it for granted until someone reminds me that this is the the normal way of things.  It just happen to be normal for my children.

This boy in blue is 12 years old today.  He's scary smart (said one of his teacher).  He has a high functioning autism, but he's getting more and more social each year.  He's also got an extraordinary aptitude in math, sciences and an extraordinary capacity to use words I thought I would never hear outside a book.

Needless to say, I am quite proud of my kids.


  1. Looks as if these young ones really enjoy their rock climbing. Interesting that they chose to exercise as a celebration of a birthday. Good on them.

  2. Good choice to celebrate birthdays!
    Salute to your kids.