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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little Things Thursday

This was taken at New Mexico's Mount Capulin volcano monument. We drove up and walked down to the crater floor.  They have signs about snakes, but we did not find any.  After about half an hour of wandering around the place, we were ready to leave when a park ranger started giving talk about types of volcanic debris that comes out during the explosion.  He even had samples of them and we could hold it and examine it while he was talking about it.

It was literally a small sign, well, several signs really after leaving Colorado and heading south to Texas.  But it was an after-thought of a detour.  And for such a little thing, we ended up with so much.  Memories of the children enjoying the walk to the crater floor and the look of slight disappointment that it was not spewing smoke.  After all, it used to be a volcano.  So, I'm glad to find Little Things Thursday meme because now, I can recall this detour from our trip.  An after thought that turned out to be a lovely memory.

Also, because I really needed to do something short that does not involve a plaintiff or a defendant. 
one of the samples, and I could not remember the name

at Mount Capulin, 1st week of August


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip! So glad you joined us today!

  2. Great experience for your family! I'd enjoy it too.

  3. What an educational experience, that is something they will always remember.