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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Skywatching at Pike's Peak

Some sky watch pictures I took on our August vacation to Colorado Springs.  I somehow thought that at the top of the mountain I would see a lot of trees.  That is not the case. It is very barren out there.  The view is still very singular.  I am now wondering if all mountain tops are like that, nearly barren, rocky and cold.

We had a lot of fun riding up the mountain on the trip.  I saw many animals on the way.  I am particularly impressed with the squirrel from Colorado. They look weird.  Other animals that I thought were squirrels turned out to be not. My kids assured me I saw a beaver.

I felt the thin air at the mountain top.  It made my head dizzy.  However, my children seem to take to it okay as they were still rushing to and fro all over the place.  I was careful to look over the sides of the steep drops. I believe I was dizzy enough to tumble down, head over heels. 

on the way to Pike's Peak -- this is Colorado's gravel

at the peak of Pikes Peak, but still inside the train

the train we rode to Pike's Peak, a cog-railway train

the air was very thin here, view towards Colorado Springs


  1. Gorgeous skies and terrific captures for the day!! Such a beautiful view!! Thanks for sharing, Shoshana!!

  2. Shoshana: Loved your captures, reminded me of my visit to Colorado.