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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rainy and Cloudy Fall

I like taking pictures when the clouds look wet and gray. I just don't like to drive in it.  I drive past this sight four days a week, but most of the time, it is near midnight.  The view is quite different.  And, since I am alone in the car, I cannot take night picture while driving.  It doesn't seem safe. These are taken with my iPhone 5. No editing or filters.  I like the subtle brush strokes of the clouds.  These are my sky watch.


  1. Like Reunion Tower in the background.

  2. Even thousand of miles away this skies are very familiar. Thanks for showing.

  3. Good iPhone images!

    «Louis» thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  4. nice capture! not easy to do in this weather.

  5. Excellent. I am impressed with how well a phone can capture all the color tones.

  6. For all that people get excited about blue skies - grey ones can be a lot more interesting!

    Nice picture.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne