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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Looking For A Ring?

 When I first got my wedding ring, my finger size barely made it to 4.  Then I have five children, gain lots of weight, and now, I need a 6.  During my pregnancies, I have reached size 7.  I am still wearing that wedding band, but it keeps falling off. In fact, I was reaching for something in class the other day, and off my ring flew, hit my professor's nicely polished cowboy boots.  It landed 3 inches safely his heels.  My professor did not miss a beat.  I thought my husband should check out wedding ring sets for my new ring. I bet they would have my size.  I am just wearing my plain platinum band, but it has lots of scratches it in.  Platinum might be the strongest metal to hold on to your solitaire, but I would pick a different metal for a plain band. I'd go for gold or silver.  Still, this wedding band is not so bad, but I would not mind a new one.

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