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Friday, December 20, 2013

Obstacles by Christopher Michael Reardon

I enjoyed reading this book.  The action is fast paced and the goal of the main character is clear.  In the beginning, I had to work a bit to get into the story, but I was hooked when the adventure begun.  At times, I might have lost my place a few times, but I am likely to credit that to my three 3-hour exams in 27 hours-span.  I started reading this book 2 hours after I finished my 3rd exam.  I was desperate to decompress and read anything not law related.  

Having to work to get into the book does not mean the book is not good.  This book is good and entertaining.  It even reminded me a little bit on Diana Gabaldon's Voyager. I had to start and re-start reading that book about 7 times before I was hooked.  And then I read everything in that series.  There are thousands and thousands of pages on that book.

Christopher Reardon is a promising author.  I can almost see this book turning into a movie.  It lends itself well to having that sort of movement and scenario that would make a good movie.  I felt that way when I was reading Taken by Robert Crais.  And then, a few months after I had read that book, it was a movie with Bruce Willis in it.

If you also want to read this book, leave a comment and I'll send my copy to one of the commenter.  (If commenter is from overseas, I'll send you an e-book as printed books takes a long time to arrive.)

Description: A child will die. You're afraid to live. Would you go to all lengths to save him? Darkness knows no bounds, as Alcott, an African American doctor sees all too well. The man is petrified by death. His fragile existence rests at the mercy of the universe. This fact is far too much for him to handle. From unyielding nightmares to elevator terrors, he's lost in paranoia.

Assigned to look after an ill child, Alcott's horrors only heighten. Gari is a nine-year-old boy with a fatal disease. He will surely pass on within the year. Alcott bonds with him more and more each day. Part of him knows this grim fate just isn't right.

Alcott befriends a hospital patient. This lunatic forces him to lug home an ancient text on bringing back the dead. Despite the man's obvious dementia, Alcott attempts the scheme. Charging up a cliff, he recites the chant over ocean gusts.

A god woman glides in from the horizon. She instructs Alcott on the trials to save Gari's life. These fearsome Obstacles require true strength. From battling sharks to wielding a flail, he must prove fortitude against genuine danger. Alcott decides his fate at this moment.

Death's claws shall not grasp Gari's soul.

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