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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

San Francisco is a Walking City

Nob Hill, San Francisco
Last July, my husband and I went to San Francisco for vacation. We left the kids at home with my mother and sister.  We stayed at Nob Hill. The view was fantastic and the weather couldn't be more perfect.  That whole city was air conditioned even in the height of summer.  It is a walking city and even with its perfect weather, one can get very thirsty walking.  Hotels should offer imprinted water bottles for tourist to carry while they walk all over the city.  It would be so good for the environment and a good advertising for the hotels.  However, being San Francisco, it is hard to go over a quarter of a mile without bumping into a watering hole.  I think my husband and I walked closed to 40 miles in the first 3 days.  We loved it. We will be back.

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