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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

MPRE and Motherhood

post card from Russia
I do not think that one has something to do with the other, but they're both in my mind.

I finally figured out how to listen to my Multi-state Professional Responsibility Examination lecture videos.  I tend to fall asleep if I have to stay so still while watching.  Then, this morning, I finished 4 classes while on my elliptical machine and I was using my iPad to listen to the lectures.  It was a perfect match.  I can get in better shape and learn.

In fact, I have mastered, meaning that I did not get any mistakes on the review question after each lesson.  Now, I just have to figure out how to get two classes ahead in terms of reading for one of my classes.  I do not have to say, I think, that this class is reading-heavy. I do enjoy it, but it certainly is a lot of work.

I was just thinking how my daughter is a bit frustrated right now because we took away her phone privileges.  She can still send texts over Wi-fi, but no telephone line.  I kind of feel bad about it, but my husband and I have to be parents.  So here we are.  My daughter was so frustrated, she's probably almost packed and ready to go and live independently.  She has her eye on both coasts - I think as far away from south-central USA.  I wish her well, and she is not getting a phone, yet.

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