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Friday, March 14, 2014

What I Did Thursday

J Alexander's Ahi Tuna for $27.00

Quarry Market Shopping Center
I was wondering why I did not have enough time to read my textbook when I was in San Antonio for Spring Break.  Sure, I was working at the Legal Clinic and I have to leave my hotel at 830am and we do not get out of the clinic until 500pm.  After work, I would stop by shopping center and I do not make it back to my hotel until 9pm.

After showering and getting ready to sleep, I have like 2 hours before I get sleepy.  I did managed to review for my MPRE, read MPRE materials.  So, for about 10-14 hours of "free time", I spent about 6 listening to lectures and the rest reading and taking practice test.

Put that way, I do not feel so back about not being able to read my textbooks.

The two pictures above is taken from March 13.  I went to Quarry Market, but it is difficult to shop. It is a giant outdoors mall.  I had dinner at J Alexanders. Spent 27 dollars on Ahi Tuna steak.  It is the most over priced dinner I had ever paid.

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