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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Little Grown Up Girl

This morning
It is so rare to catch a picture of my daughter when she's smiling. Her mission lately it seems, is to make faces at me when she sees me with my camera.  However, this morning, I caught her in a beautiful smile before she could make faces.  I love my children so much. I have five, but only one daughter.  It is always nice to have someone who understands about shopping. She has gorgeous hair. If I could find hair wigs half as pretty, I would be thrilled! Wig hair with quality such hers would be upwards of a thousand dollars.  I know, I own a pair.  My daughter's hair is fine, silky, and thick.  She's planning to cut it short in the summer and donate it to locks of love again.  She has done it before.  I am proud that she thinks of this good causes in most of the things she does.

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