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Saturday, May 3, 2014


I love this pattern.  I do not love the price however.  But still, I love it anyway.  I bought something similar and much cheaper.  For some inexplicable reason, my silverware (but really, stainless steel) goes missing.  It is like a consumable product in my house.  I see a few of them in my sand pile.  I think that my 3 younger boys still succumb to the urge to dig with dinner ware.  I saw half a dozen serving spoons today in the sand pile.  I think they had fun.  I know my water bill will indicate that they have fun.  I guess that is what childhood is all about. Homework (not so much), trampolines, sand piles and mommy's dinnerware.

On another note, what a frustrating exercise it is to find out where my admin site is.  It turned out, I have a separate admin site for the website even if it is tied to my e-mail account.  Why didn't google say that in the first place and save me about 5 hours of pain over the last 4 months! Just finally figured it out today. Grrrr.

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