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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

It was Friday when I got back home from Costa Rica.  I have Payment Systems finals on Monday.  I had been reading my notes, but it was not what you call "real studying." I was tired, out of sorts, so I thought I'd buy a novel off my kindle to read for a bit then go to the library to study.

I bought THE GREAT ESCAPE! I lay down on my favorite comfortable couch and started reading.  Then two hours later, I am still reading.  And the 4 hours later, I am still reading.  I thought to myself that I would just go to the library on Sunday.  I did not.  I was watching PRIDE AND PREJUDICE instead.

This story picked up where Lucy, a former president's daughter ran out before  her wedding ceremony to the most perfect man.  She was picked up by a Panda.  He's a biker and he's crass and drunk.  However, the longer Lucy was in his company, the more she saw glimpses of his personality that did not quite matched up with this persona.

I just love how their story progress.  Maybe it is because I have been starved of romantic books for so long.  Law school has a way of taking over my life and leaving it devoid of time to read my first love: romantic fiction.

This is probably one of SEP's best.  But then, I think that of almost every book I read that was writtenbh her.  I cried when Panda and Lucy fought.  I was engrossed with the secondary characters in the book.  Mike and Bree have a lovely story.  I admit, I find Mike very off-putting at first - then, I just love him as a person.  This is the beauty of reading SEP.  You get two story in one, and both are fleshed out perfectly.  

Now, I wanted to read the book about Toby.  He's an incredible kid.  I wonder whom I wanted him to marry.  I'll have to give it some thought.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves love, life, and romance.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Galveston Trip

I had so much fun driving my family to Galveston and staying overnight. We swam in the ocean til it's too dark to see. Then, in the morning, swam at the swimming pool.

We fed the seagulls. I also gave my leftover chicken tenders to see if it gets eaten. It was. I hope it won't turn the seagulls into carnivore. 

We saw a PTSD help dog in training. What a sweet dog. We stopped by a few other places in the way home and ended up home before 1am Tuesday.