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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Tree is Just A Tree


I had just dropped my youngest two in their elementary school when I saw this tree. My two older kids were still in the car.  They were not that impressed with this tree.  I forgave them.  They are teenagers and too cool for trees.  I was struck by how much character this tree has.  And that bright left-over yellow leaves is just so pretty.  I pulled over, got out of my car and took a picture of it with my iPhone 6+ camera.  It was an overcast, and a bit cold and I think my hands might have been shaking some.


 The trunk itself has more character than some people I met.  Really.  That sounded really mean, but if you had meet the same people I did, you would agree.  You might not blogged about it, but you would agree.  

I still have two finals to finish.  I should be working on it.  I get the hives every time I look at it.  I am finishing the one I am currently working on.  I just needed a break.  I wonder if it is like saying -"I needed a vacation"- but really you have not been working at all.  How it is vacation from work when, well, you are not working.  It is simply relocating your non-working self to somewhere that requires money.  Oh, bitter, much?  

But back to the trunk.  I it is really a lovely trunk.  I wonder if I should go back there on a good day and take my better camera and take another shot at it.  Hopefully, I will not freak the owner of the house.  I wonder if they would believe me if I say I am just fascinated with their front tree.


I have not learned the art of editing a picture will.  As in, take out the background so I am left with just the parts that I want.  I am rambling. Absolutely.  I bet if I were to read this over, I have so many grammatical errors, it will not be funny.  Also, I am article-blind.  I am working on using my articles in my sentences. Really.

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