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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Postcards This Week

This is from Finland. I think it's greeting me for the holidays.

This is from Germany. I would love to see these castles someday.

This is from Romania. The building looks grand.

Today was my evidence finals. I am very much worried that I did not do well for the first time. There's nothing I can do  about it now. I guess I'll know for sure in January. Yes. It takes that long to find out about exam results. 

Ten minutes before exam begins, I found out that my electronic blue book has expired. Thank goodness for fast download and update. Otherwise, disaster. 

Then, four minutes before exam starts, I found out that I forgot to bring my exam number and I had to dash to the registrars office to get one. I should just have opened my email, but my blue book was already taking over my laptop. 

First time ever that I was caught flat footed like that. I hope that with all that dashing around, I didn't dislodged something important from my brain. Especially the parts holding on to my analysis of the rules in order to apply it to 75-multiple choice exam. I wanted to cry afterwards because of the stress and pressure. 

This is the card I'm sending to Germany. 

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